Saturday, July 29, 2006

Happy Dogs

Atchafalaya(Chaffie) and Hoss say "get well, Nancy!", as they pose in front of the Hibiscus which Mom got for Bruce and Lisa last year. Bruce and Lisa can see the plant out their kitchen and breakfast room windows.

Chaffie and Hoss laugh at any cat, or child, who believe they can show out better than a cattle dog. Chaffie is so named b/c she is the color of the muddy Atchafalaya River. Chaffie and Hoss were involved in the famous "dog rescue" operation several months ago, when Lisa slid out of bed and broke her leg during the night. Chaffie stood over Lisa's chest, as if to protect her, and licked her face. Hoss leapt into Bruce's bed, moved close to Bruce's ear, and let out a sharp bark. The sleeping Bruce nearly jumped through the roof - then nearly jumped through the roof again, when he noticed Lisa was not in her bed.

Chaffie and Hoss have a puppy who became a champion herding dog in the Southeastern U.S. Chaffie is a Red Heeler. Heelers discipline cows and bulls by leaping up and chomping onto their noses, then either giving a quick twist, or actually bringing the animal to it's knees. After either of these actions, the cow or bull is willing to go where-ever the dog wants them to go. A friend once saw a bull leap a fence with a Heeler chomped onto his nose during the entire flight. The bull went to his knees upon landing.

Chaffie loves water, and will happily leap into any 2 inch puddle. Hoss loves to seek out animals and varmints.

Orange Hibiscus blooms were first created at LSU.