Sunday, July 09, 2006

Patsy 3

To the right is Patsy's great-granddaughter: Abby. Now, I'm not an expert on childhood behavior, but that girl might be about to cry...

Patsy hasn't gained back any additional movement in her right arm and hand. She still has about 60% movement in the arm. She still can wiggle her fingers, but cannot make a fist.

On Saturday, Patsy had an additional incident of paralysis - also on her right side. The right side of her face became temporarily paralyzed. Today, Sunday, Patsy is speaking with no interference, and no problems. She told this story:

A lady came in to assess me, so I could go to a rehab center for therapy. She spoke to me as if I was a child. She said, "Can you push this two times?"

Well, you don't challenge me. I said "Lady, I can push that three times!"

She said "Oh no, you can't push that three times."

I said "You watch me."

And Greg, I don't know how I did it; and it was hard; but I was going to do it; and I pushed that thing three times. And she looked at me, and she said "Well, you did too good." Pushing that thing three times disqualified me from going to the rehab center!"