Tuesday, July 11, 2006

4/17 to 7/10: Abbreviated History

4/17 Subarachnoid Hemorrage + coded and revived.

Approx. 9:00 pm, went unconscious for approx. 10 minutes. Nancy regained consciousness for 10 minutes, then went unconscious again, as she was loading into the ambulance. She was again conscious in the ER.

Approx. 11:30 pm, Nancy coded as she was being wheeled to an MRI.

5:00 AM Nancy enters Neuro ICU.
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Coiling Procedure to resolve 2 aneurysm.

Approx 4/19 Shunt placed in brain.

4/22 Responding to verbal commands. Goes off ventilator, but remains intubated.

Note: Between 4/17 and approx. 4/30, Nancy will be intubated three separate times. She will eventually have difficulty producing volume with her voice, possibly due to the multiple intubations.

4/27 Shunt removed.
4/30 Extubated for the final time. Goes onto CPAP.
5/5 Leaves Neuro-ICU.
5/6 Respiratory difficulties (low SATS). Nancy returns to Neuro ICU.
5/9 Leaves Neuro ICU for the final time.
5/11 PEG inserted.
5/12 Goes to Kindred Hospital.
5/16 This link gives a family/chatty overview of this period.
5/19 Walks 100’
5/26 Goes to Harris Methodist Rehab.
5/28 Breaks hip while walking to bathroom.
5/30 Successful surgery to replace hip socket.
Note: Nancy remains drunk (on anaesthesia) for 5-6 days after surgery. Therapy is extremely limited, and she accomplishes little during the therapy.
6/8 Passes Barium Swallow Test. Now allowed to drink and eat orally.
6/9 Nancy to BIR.
6/15 Increasing cognition difficulty is noted. Hydro-cephalus is diagnosed. Therapy is once again greatly restricted, due to rapidly decreasing alertness and cognition. She accomplishes little during the therapy sessions.
6/22 VPS successful, at Baylor’s Roberts Hospital.
6/23 Nancy returns to BIR.
6/25 Rapid cognition progress is noted.
6/26 Therapy begins. Nancy will display much improvement over the coming days.
7/10 Walked into speech therapy and confidently announced she was at Baylor Rehab in Dallas. Speech therapist noted that, just as Nancy has definitively determined where she is, she is about to be discharged...