Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

For a celebration at her nephew Frank's house, Mom is preparing cornbread dressing, and giblet gravy. Dad is preparing banana pudding.

Mom and Dad considered a visit to Kansas City for Thanksgiving - to the home of Kris' parents: Don and Mary, and a visit with Austin and Kacy. They finally decided it was just a bit too much distance, and a bit too much excitement, at this time.

I think of Mom as recovered. However, she is a recovered person who is still gaining strength, and still likes some quiet and orderliness in her environment. Certain levels of excitement remain a bit overwhelming, and are not optimal environments for her. She has lived in calm environments for several months. Mom won't be visiting Chuck E. Cheese anytime soon. Dad either, come to think of it.*

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!

*Not that Don and Mary's house resembles Chuck E. Cheese in any way - unless, you know, they were serving suboptimal pizza - and Don and Mary wouldn't do that!