Saturday, November 04, 2006

Patsy Caggiola, RIP

Mom's eldest sister, Patsy, died in her sleep sometime around 5:00 am this morning. She leaves her devoted husband, Larry; and grieving children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and family and friends.

Aunt Patsy was a businesswoman before being a businesswoman was cool. She built Goins Beauty Schools up from the ground - by dint of iron will, and of business savvy. In those days, a woman in business had to be tough. She served as President, or as officer, of various State Beauty School agencies, and National Beauty School organizations.

Aunt Patsy believed in positive thinking. She was not one to criticize. Rather, she deliberately looked for positive aspects in every situation, and in every person.

Aunt Patsy believed in personal responsibility. She had this saying taped on every mirror in her home:
"This person is responsible for my happiness."

Aunt Patsy liked "The Greatest Salesman in the World", by Og Mandino. She loved "The Prophet," by Kahlil Gibran - sometimes she gave copies of it as gifts. She loved the "Left Behind" series of novels.

Aunt Patsy kept up a huge, and beautifully landscaped, backyard. Just two springs ago, local high school Seniors had their prom photos taken in her backyard. During the photo shoot, the street outside Patsy's house was lined with all manner of autos, trucks, and limos.

Aunt Patsy famously, and elaborately, decorated her home for Christmas each year. She had four complete sets of Christmas decorations - each with a different theme. She rotated decoration themes from year to year to year to year.

Aunt Patsy was able to visit Northern Europe this summer. She was recently able to attend the National Beauty School Convention, in Miami, to visit with some of her long-time friends. She was busily preparing for a visit from Mom, and from their other sister - Jane, during the days before her death.

We miss you, Aunt Patsy.