Thursday, May 11, 2006


Computer is fixed! Hoorah!

These pics are from Mom's grandniece: Lindsey. Lindsey is Aunt Lindsey to Abby, and is a famous Hollywood "Background Actress" to the rest of us, having appeared in more shows than it is possible to TIVO. Lindsey can soon be seen on the big screen, making it within 15 feet of safety, before being crushed by a falling World Trade Center Tower, in Oliver Stone's upcoming movie. This is one more reason the Nancy Cotharn Update is not a fan of Osama Bin Laden.

Lindsey's email:

I volunteer through LA Animal Services as a foster mom for un-weaned kittens or bottle babies. Every year they call me during "kitten season" and ask if I can foster a litter of kittens that don't have a mom, I usually get them when they are a day or two old with their eyes still closed. I bottle feed them until they are old enough to be taught to eat on their own then I teach them to eat and use the litter box and all the things a kitten should know. When they are between 8 and 10 weeks old I have them spayed or neutered and then I find them great homes. The two kittens I have now are from different litters, they didn't have any brothers or sisters. The white one (female) is older by about a week and a half and the gray one is a male and he's about 4 weeks old. So if anyone in the Texas/Louisiana area would like a kitten let me know, I can get them to you! They have such great personalities when they are hand raised.