Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for checking in at The Nancy Update this year. We love you all.

Mom has recently enjoyed visiting with friends at Wedgwood Nursing Home. She has been on a furious Christmas shopping spree. She is prepping to visit Bruce & Lisa, Courtney & Baron, and Chaffee & Hoss, in Denham Springs, LA.

Mom is eating better, though most foods still do not taste as good to her as they once did. She still doesn't eat much - which is fine - because she is forming regular, more frequent eating habits.

In my opinion, Mom's balance has improved since she came home. She now makes natural movements, such as shifting weight to balance on one leg(to bend over), which she didn't make before. Her neurology has improved, incrementally, in all areas. I say "incrementally" because there's not much improvement remaining to be achieved. Mom's neurology is as solid as most anyone's who is walking and driving about. Her neurology is more solid than many in her age group. Mom still likes her environment to be orderly, and unchaotic. She is gaining strength all the time. She's still not a big math fan.

Me: I said I'd be ready to drive you at 7:00, but I won't be ready until 5 or 10 minutes after that. Still, there's almost zero chance we'll be late.

Mom: (semi-exasperated) Greg, don't make me deal with statistics!

PS: and a Happy New Year!