Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Workin It

Abby: Hi! Good to see you guys! Especially since I love everybody!

Annika: Hush it, toots. Let's be serious. How come we haven't appeared on Nancy Update in forever? And how'd those cats get bumped to the top two times? We are waay cuter than those cats. Was it affirmative action?

Kendyl and Shelby: We heard his computer was down, and he lost access to his picture files. Also, Nancy Update doesn't do affirmative action. Those cats must've been bumped to the top on merit. They were workin it. Look at us - this is how you work it! We are adorable!

Austin, Max, and Kacy: This is how you work it when you are kids from the Midwest - you do wholesome. We are so wholesome, we sweat whole milk! Also, animals help - woos the PETA crowd - and all the grandparents who love cute.

Annika: (grumble, grumble) You think that's workin it? I'll show you workin it... umph... puff... give me a minute...

Lindsey: Work it with a sexy vehicle. Readers love a hot woman posing with a sexy vehicle!

Jenny and Ling: We are adorable. No one can work it better than us. Your only hope of getting more pictures is affirmative action - oh, so sorry - Nancy Update doesn't do affirmative action. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Cats rule! Jenny and Ling rule! We rule!

Annika: Ta da! THIS is workin it! All y'all can eat your hearts out. We're playin' Ogden Rules, suckahs. Y'all cain't hang in the Mormon hood! Shout out to mah homeys, an mah unc Aaron. AAAROONN!!

Lindsey: omg - you are mixing cool colors, with hot colors, with medium colors. That is so slut!

Smokie: Yes, I think that is slut. What about you, Sassy?
Sassy: Hmmm. Yes. Slut. I concur. Very definitely. Quite unfair to the rest of us.

Shelby: We say slut! Totally. What are you people in Utah thinking?! That color mix is totally unacceptable.

Abby: Can't we all get along? I love everybody. Let's be... um... nice... - is that fruit on that bikini?